Biden’s Words Come Back To Haunt Him

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Biden probably regrets this.

In their upcoming book “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future,” Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns Statements discuss the effects of the statement made by President Biden in Wisconsin last year when he said he was not open to considering student loan forgiveness for those who went to Ivy League Schools.

The two New York Times reporters have gone into detail describing the response to those statements by progressives. In February 2021, Biden notably rejected an audience member’s request to consider at least $50,000 in student loans for all Americans. 

“I will not make that happen,” Biden responded. “It depends on whether or not you go to a private university or public university.”

In the book, it is stated that Biden said he was not interested in forgiving “the billions of dollars in debt for people who have gone to Harvard and Yale and Penn.” He also associated “hefty debts with fancy universities.”

These comments led to staff members, including chief of staff Ron Klain, trying their best to alter what was said to appease progressives in the Democratic party. Specifically, they focused on the amount requested, as Biden had originally promised $10,000 in loan forgiveness. 

According to the accounts in the book, Klain, spoke: “with several congressional supporters of debt cancellation to assure them his boss had not intended to take such a firm position.”

“One lawmaker who spoke with Ron Klain recalled him saying gently that sometimes Biden gets a little tangled up in his public statements,” the authors wrote. “When a group of House progressives raised the subject again with Klain in a meeting several weeks later, the trusted aide alluded to Biden’s comments as an error.”

“We corrected that the next day, right?” Klain remarked according to the recollection of one lawmaker. 

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