Midterm scramble, Biden’s first year, and more

The White House scrambles to convince house Dems to promote Biden’s accomplished benefits as Biden prepared for his press conference for his first year complete.


Democrats have already passed a pandemic aid package and infrastructure law totaling $2.4 trillion. 

Many lawmakers, however, remain determined to log another legislative achievement they can champion, worried that voters will be disappointed and disenchanted- following lofty campaign promises- if they don’t get more done.

As President Biden nears his one-year mark, his administration is urging Democrats nervous about losing Congress in November to talk up the legislative accomplishments, regardless of the amount of inflation there currently is.

Biden also held a press conference that was his 10th since taking office. In announcing the press conference, Psaki said the president “looks forward to speaking directly to the American people.” 

As the president marks 12 months in office, his standing with Americans remains underwater.


House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md) ridiculously said to reports, “the Biden economy is a good economy,” citing 6.4 million jobs added during the president’s first year and more than 11.7 million at-home tests per day. He conveniently did not mention the highest inflation percentage in the past 40 years.

An interesting blitz for a party who repeatedly pushed to delay the bipartisan infrastructure legislation in the hopes of yoking it to a $1.7 trillion party-line social spending bill that’s stalled in the Senate. The Biden team’s efforts are, in part, intended to reassure House Democrats who are wincing as the Senate’s voting reform push exposes bitter intra-party divisions.

Eager for a clearer strategy from the White House, some of the Democrats’ most endangered members are floating their ideas, focusing on Biden’s domestic policy bill, wanting to break it up into small pieces, even if that strategy would result in mostly messaging votes that run aground in the Senate. In contrast, others are willing to massively cut back the House-passed version if that’s what it takes to win over Sen. Manchin and Sinema.

Transitioning to Biden’s first press conference in months, A reporter had asked him if he “over-promised” on his first year.

“I didn’t overpromise, but I have probably outperformed what anybody thought would happen,” Biden said during his press conference Wednesday. “The fact of the matter is that we’re in a situation where we have made enormous progress. You mentioned the number of deaths from COVID – well, it was three times that not long ago. It’s coming down. Everything’s changing. It’s getting better.

“But one of the things that I think is something that one thing I hadn’t been able to so far is getting my Republican friends to get the game of making things better in this country,” he said.

Twitter turned the heat quickly, addressing his approval rating,

Biden was also asked about the ‘rapid price increases’ at the pump and supermarket. To which Biden quickly deflected, blaming Covid-19, saying it had “created a lot of economic complications, including rapid price increases across the world economy.”

Biden was also questioned on the Covid-19 promises he made to eliminate the virus, fixing testings fall flat during the first year in office. 

“We’re working on it.” Something similar to what White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said last month when asked about President Biden’s campaign promise to “shut down” Covid-19.

On the anniversary of Biden’s inauguration, that effort is still a work in progress amid a massive spike in cases with the omicron wave.

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