This must end. What America must do about China in 2022

The Biden administration completely misunderstands the nature of the relationship with the Chinese regime.


“The Biden administration believes climate change, not Communist China, poses the greatest threat to U.S. national security,” Len Khodorkovsky, former deputy assistant secretary of state in the Trump administration, stated. Khodorkovsky stated that President Biden has been willing to hand out free passes to Beijing as long as Chinese officials say the right things about carbon neutrality.

In early February, Biden, in his major foreign policy speech, said China is “our most serious competitor.”

In May 2019, People’s Daily, the most authoritative publication in China, carried a piece that declared a “people’s war” on America. The hostility, unfortunately, has continued to the present day.


The question we must ask is why must Americans be concerned by propaganda? The Party, with constant promotion of strident anti-Americanism, is establishing a justification to strike America.

Biden’s administration is currently stuck in the long-gone era’s failed “engagement” policies. Unfortunately, Biden is not noticing the increasing Chinese hostility they have been pressing forward over the past couple of months. Instead, becoming the master of half-measures adopted at the last moment. He does not have his heart in opposing China’s regime.

In a March address titled “A Foreign Policy for the American People.” Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated, “Our relationship with China will be competitive when it should be, collaborative when it can be, and adversarial when it must be.”

“The common denominator is the need to engage China from a position of strength,” Blinken added.

Chinese ruler Xi Jinping, unfortunately, does not think America is strong, and the White House is reinforcing his dangerous attitudes. “The Biden China policy betrays a dangerous softness,” said Brandon Weichert of The Weichert Report.

2022 will be a critical year for both America and the Biden Administration with addressing the severity of the Chinese Communist Party. To the extent of understanding how America will remain a superpower. The power balance can shift in Beijing’s favor, and once that happens, the movement toward a Chinese-dominated world order may be too far along for any U.S. leader to stop.

The Communist Party can threaten America only with Washington’s acquiescence. Therefore, the way to end the Chinese threat is to stop the westward flow of money to China. That means, for instance, prohibiting investment in China’s markets and its industrial capacity, something Biden can do by invoking the International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977.

Washington saved the Communist Party three times, Nixon in 1977, Bush in 1989, and Clinton in 1999. Washington must make sure there will be no more rescues. Instead, the Biden administration should follow Reagan’s playbook targeting the Soviet economy, which led to the USSR’s failure 20 years ago.

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