Military General Excuses $2 Billion Worth of BLM Riots As Penny Packet Protests

It seems that the military officials attempting to downplay the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots all year did more damage than good. According to the new book, ‘Peril,” written by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley spent months trying to minimize the damage being done by BLM in order to prevent President Donald Trump from invoking the Insurrection Act.

While cities and communities were being ravaged and wrecked by BLM/Antifa members, Gen. Milley tried to argue that the protests were mainly centered around the use of spray paint. Hard to blame $2 billion dollars in property damage and over 17,000 arrests on spray paint. Not to mention, the autonomous zone that demonstrators took over in downtown Seattle for a number of weeks.

Former President Trump wanted to invoke the Insurrection Act at the time and send in National Guard troops to end the unrest, but Milley refused to take charge and argued that he was concerned about the “white rage” in the United States. He even took on some of the woke rhetoric when arguing against the president and failing to act.

“That’s pent up in communities that have been experiencing what they perceive to be police brutality,” Milley reportedly told the president

Milley joined the former president in a photo-op in front of the St. John’s Church across from the White House after some of the riots, but said he only feared that Trump was looking for a ‘Reichstag moment.’ He later shared how he should not have been at the photo-op and that his presence created a perception of the military being involved in domestic politics. He continued apologizing to the mob and insisting that the BLM-led riots were “penny packet protests.”

But according to conservative pastor EW Jackson, the Black Lives Matter movement and protests have been a “cultural” virus in the United States. He argued that COVID-19 is a medical problem that will run its course, but that the damage done by BLM will take “generations to undo.”

Jackson emphasized how BLM has infected the culture of the country and divided us racially when it comes to having different reactions to police-involved shootings. He said that the organization is out of sync with the word of God and that it doesn’t actually care about the people they advocate for. He said some of the criticism has even pushed officers to quit the force entirely, specifically calling out BLM’s co-founder Patrisse Cullors and her views on Marxism.

While mainstream media has continued to call out the Jan 6. Incident at the Capitol as an “insurrection,” it was estimated that the incursion only caused about $1.5 million in damages. Meanwhile, BLM riots have racked up well over $2 billion. They’ve continued to call the Jan. 6 event the “worst attack since the Civil War,” even though many of the BLM riots were far worse. 

BLM has continued to gain momentum and popularity through woke politics, Big Tech, and mainstream media. And even after $2 billion in damages, hundreds of officers injured, and dozens of people killed, they are still being called “penny packet protests.”

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